The Straw Stripper is a safe, efficient and sanitary method of providing a drinking straw AND maximizing customer service. The unit quickly strips the bottom portion of paper away from a drinking straw, leaving the paper-tipped end ready to be placed into a beverage. It’s simple, yet it speaks volumes when showing consumers that you truly care. Customizable, easy and efficient, the Straw Stripper will revolutionize your beverage service!

Customer Service

    Providing a paper-capped sterile drinking straw in your consumer’s beverage is the ultimate in customer satisfaction. In today’s quest of finding a way to set yourself apart, the Straw Stripper is a tool that allows you to make customer service a top priority.

Safe and Sanitary

    The Straw Stripper reduces human contact with the uncovered portion of the straw, decreasing the risk of spreading germs. In addition, it’s interior locked stainless steel blade system offers a safe way to accomplish this goal.


    To meet your specific needs, the Straw Stripper can be mounted in various ways and locked into place to provide quick and steady access. The blades are custom-made to easily strip your specific straw diameter. Its polypropylene exterior can also be customized to match your corporate colors and logo.

Easy and Efficient

    The Straw Stripper removes the bottom portion of the paper in seconds.  After manually inserting the straw into the opening and quickly removing it, you are ready to provide excellent service to your customers.  The slender canister stores the paper waste and is easily cleaned and maintained. The attachable caddy system holds up to 300 straws for instant access.

The Straw Stripper will fit easily into your current workflow while simultaneously adding a unique valued benefit.